DotFM 220

Podcasting, and not radio, continued to dominate BRS Media’s annual ranking of the top websites and brands using the .FM top-level domain registry. Topping the list is, which had 1.9 billion hits worldwide last year. The podcast analytics prefix was second with 1.4 billion, followed by with 1.2 billion, and with 959 million. The top 20 also includes U.S.-based companies including (445 million),, (381 million), Fireside (254 million), Transistor (125 million), and (76 million).

BRS Media says the .FM domains had a record 45.95 billion queries during 2022, a 16% increase from a year earlier – and triple what was logged in 2012 when the .FM domain debuted. Overall, the fastest growing category continued to be podcast apps, podcasting hosting companies, and individual podcasters. Nine of the top ten websites using .FM were in podcasting according to BRS Media.

“While podcasting remained a dominant category in 2022, growth in other segments across varied regions is exciting,” CEO George Bundy says. “It’s truly amazing to see the continued diversity within the .FM namespace, the innovation and originality of dotFM clients is inspiring.”

The U.S. had the most .FM-based websites, followed by the U.K., Brazil, France, Poland, and Canada.

San Francisco-based BRS Media announced last year they had signed a new agreement with the Federated States of Micronesia to continue to globally market the top-level domain associated with the country made up of more than 600 islands in the western Pacific Ocean. It continues an alliance that was first struck more than two decades ago.

Download a list of the top 100 users of .FM during 2022 HERE.