SPIN 101 Studios 220

The music and pop culture magazine Spin is aiming to extend its brand to other media – and that includes podcasting. It has inked a development and production deal with 101 Studios to work on new television and film projects as well as podcasts. Spin expects to produce content focused on sports, true crime, and music. It says it will also look to shine a light on the work of Spin’s journalists that date back to 1980 while also highlighting new and upcoming artists in the industry. 

“101 Studios is truly a predominant force in the TV and film world,” Spin CEO Jimmy Hutcheson said in the announcement. “With Spin’s longstanding presence on the pop culture and music scene, we are honored to partner with this seasoned group of producers, directors, and writers to turn Spin’s incredible library and IP into exciting new films and television shows.”

While 101 Studios is best known for its television projects like its current hit series “Yellowstone,” the studio has also expanded into podcasting. It is working with iHeartPodcasts and Sports Illustrated to produce the Formula 1 series Choosing Sides: F1 as part of its joint venture with the sports magazine. It has also launched The Official Yellowstone Podcast and the FBoy Island The Podcast companions to its television series as well as a chat show called The Backstoryhosted by former KCRW Los Angeles Music Director Jason Bentley. The studio signaled it plans to do more with audio when in October it hired Brannan Goetschius as the company’s first-ever Head of Audio. In December, 101 Studios signed with Podcast Ad Reps to handle podcast ad sales duties.

“We are thrilled to be teaming up with the historic Spin Magazine,” said 101 Studios COO David Hutkin. “Their library is a treasure trove of the music industries deep history, and we can’t wait to bring these stories to audiences all over the world.”