News Bites

...The podcast hosting company Anchor says it has made some updates to its platform that will make it easier for podcasters to reduce background noise while also recording outside the studio. The Audio Enhancement tool can automatically reduce background noise while leveling the host’s voice and bringing it to the forefront. Anchor say the result is better-sounding audio, even if an episode was recorded in a loud coffee shop, on the subway, or with babies crying in the background. The feature is available only when the recording is made in the Anchor mobile app on both iOS and Android. 

...The mission-based media and entertainment company Believe Ltd. has named Ketih Korneluk as Head of Podcasts. The voiceover talent and voice actor has been Senior Podcast Producer for the Los Angeles-based company since October 2021. Korneluk also has his own podcast production company, Mad Dragon Productions which has released shows such as Modem Mischief and the Dirty Detectives podcasts. 

....Facing stiffer competition from YouTube, Spotify’s step-by-step rollout of video podcasts continues. In July, it opened the feature to all podcasters in the U.S., Canada and nine other countries and now it is expanding the feature to creators worldwide. The catch is creators will need to use Spotify-owned Anchor to publish their show. But the tradeoff, according to the company, is that publishing the video version of the shows will be just as easy as the audio files podcasters are already publishing. How many people are watching podcasts on the Spotify app isn’t known since the company has yet to make any numbers available.

...It is said that a good host listens more than speaks, but Archetypes host Meghan Markle seems to be trying to prove that adage wrong. An analysis of her show by the U.K.’s Sun newspaper finds that Markle talks far more than the guests on her Spotify series. In the episode that featured Serena Williams, the Sun says Markle spoke for 30 minutes and six seconds compared to the tennis great’s 17 minutes and 12 seconds. It found similar results on other seven episodes that have been released. After hitting No.1 on its debut, Archetypes has since fallen off Spotify’s listing of its top podcasts.

....Former WSM Nashville (650) radio personality Marcia Campbell has launched a podcast, Journey to the Circle, in cooperation with The Grand Ole Opry and Ryman Hospitality. The series takes a deep dive into the history and path taken that brought Grand ole Opry members to “The Circle.” This six-episode show will air on WSM radio each Saturday morning and then be available as a podcast.