Gwyneth Paltrow 220

Actress turned lifestyle guru Gwyneth Paltrow is not new to audio. She launched The Goop Podcast in 2018. But Paltrow is expanding her lifestyle brand’s reach in audio under a multi-project development deal with Audible. Four titles have been greenlit under a new The Goop Pursuit banner. 

Audible says the content will touch on themes common in the Goop brand, including pleasure, healing, beauty, and change. And while Paltrow will not host any of the four new series, as founder and chief executive of the company she will provide an introduction. The four podcasts will debut January 12, 2023.

Penda N’diaye, founder of Pro Hoe, a brand that focuses on sexual liberation in Black and Brown communities, will host a show called Leaning into PleasureThe 90-minute Audible Original features multigenerational discussions on the topic of pleasure–how we experience it, what blocks it, how we can allow ourselves to express our desires, and more. It also features a thoughtful discussion with Paltrow about her experiences navigating pleasure and societal taboos.

“I loved speaking with and, even more so, listening to Penda N’diaye—she’s so strong and thoughtful,” said Paltrow. “Likewise, our other three hosts in this collection also have an incredibly nuanced and inviting way of approaching the big and small questions that shape our lives and communities. We’re excited to share their stories, voices, and perspectives.”

Other content under the Goop Pursuit banner include Healing in a Sick Society, hosted by psychiatrist Will Siu; Finding Beauty, hosted by author and LGBTQ+ activist Jodie Patterson; and Coming Home to Yourself, hosted by Dr. Thema S. Bryant, president-elect of the American Psychological Association and clinical psychologist. 

Zola Masharicki, Head of Audible Studios, says they believe listeners are “deeply interested” in self-care and well-being messages that the Goop content will offer. 

“Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop are both refreshing and trendsetting; we admire their curiosity and openness to start hard conversations, which resonates globally,” Masharicki said. “The fresh perspective and open dialogue that goop brings will entertain and inspire our listeners.”

Projects produced under this new deal with Goop will join a series of Audible Originals including Mel Robbins’ recent motivational podcast, Here’s Exactly What to Do; the unscripted podcast My Body, My Podcast from Elizabeth Banks, which explores the female experience; Sheryl Crow Words + Music, showcasing Crow’s potent talent and the complex inner workings of her most beloved tracks; and Billie Was a Black Woman, a four-part podcast series that refracts Black womanhood through the prism of legendary jazz singer Billie Holiday; and many more.